Innovery has been selected to paticipate in the Hackathon Lanzarote Cognitive App Challenge

Lanzarote Cognitive App tourist Challenge is organized by EPEL-CACT and IBM.

The challenge involves the development of a mobile app based on IBM Watson™ technology and IBM Bluemix™ environment

The aim of this mobile application is to guide visitors as well as improving their experience and satisfaction of the visit to Los Jameos de Agua in Lanzarote

For those who are not familiarized with the concept, a Hackathon is an event in which computer programmers or any professional of software and hardware development compete in developing a software project

We are very keen to take part in a proyect such a Hackathon which is one of the most innovative ideas that have been recently ongoing

Follow us along the challenge!


15/04/2016      We are IN!!!

18/04/2016  Let’s Start the Challenge

Lanzarote Cognitive App Challenge starts!

Best of the luck to our team!


21/04/2016 Have you missed the Closing?

Click here to see our team into action!

Presentations! Bring it on!


Our Project

We used 3 of the services offered by IBM Watson & IBM Bluemix technology, Watson Personality Insights, Watson Concept Insights Search and Watson  Concept Insight Related Concepts  as well as Visual Recognition. In addition, our application integrates a NodeRed/Node JS which allows us to use these services.

When it comes to the presentation layer we used Phonegap, composed by framework, JavaScript and HTML5 thus allowing to create applications for Android, iOS and others.

Our wager for standing out was to include Wikitude SKD. Bengali to English . This technology enables the user to operate with augmented reality in order to visualize content about geotagged points of interest as well as elements such as murals, paintings or brochures.

Innovery included an interactive map towards achieving the best results besides creating an application to be as accurate as possible. 

3 clear targets represent what we wanted to accomplish with our application

  • Increase the tourist’s interest on the events offered

    Through the data collected from the customers, the application will propose events, news and suggestions in accordance with the personality of the user.

  • Access to the information in an autonomous and non-intrusive way

    Thanks to a combination of visual recognition, interactive maps as well as different ways of augmented reality, the application will provide information about different points of interest free of signs or elements that could disturb the area.

  • Gamification module

    Game proposal using interactive maps, touch-points and geo-localisation devices (beacons).

Unfortunately we were not the winning team in this occasion but we are very proud of our work and delighted to have been chosen for taking part in this initiative which was challenging and rewarding

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