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Innovery is an independent Privately-Owned Joint Stock Company established in 2001 in Italy, settled today as a multi-division organization spread in additional locations around the world.

Innovery is a leading ICT Services Provider and Software Developer for medium to large size customers, with a significant experience in the fields of ICT Security and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

Our staff works hard to build long term relationship: customers engaged during our first year in business (2001) are still our customers.

Managed by a professional and highly experienced team, the company focuses on the market of public administration, finance, industry, utility, energy, retail and telecommunication.

Over the years, we have stablished affiliates in Spain, México and from 2015 in Albania, where we depelop our corporate business from  increasing consistently the revenue.

One of the great passions at Innovery is Innovation, which in addition to our core values, inspires us to make further progress as a means of being a leading company in our business model.

IBM Business partner for B2B and Security and Soflayer Reseller and Referral


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Our mission, vision and goal are entirely focused on a successful long term partnership with customers, providing state-of-the-art of technologies, support, services, systems and products that meet the demands of the future.

We operate through a strong and diversified customer base built on a strong reputation for quality and innovation.


Our Management Policy is based on the following values:

  • Operating with working groups that combine strategic skills with technical and highly qualified skills
  • Offering and developing solutions consistent with business model of customers
  • Quick and effective implementation
  • Helping Organization to increase their internal knowhow to be independent in managing the implemented infrastructure

We  deliver the highest quality of services and products in compliance with worldwide standards certifications.

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001 (2008)
  • International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 (2004)
  • Security Management System ISO 27001 (2005)
  • Quality of IT Services ISO 20000 (2014)