Our specialties include system integration and configuration management, including business requirements gathering and solution proposal, application architecture design, integration and customization, application support and maintenance along with client training, support, and on-site services

 Charging and Billing

 Device management

Our Experience

With our experience and our pool of skilled cross platform mobile app developers / programmers, we are able to successfully deliver quality solutions in mobile application development

Our staff is composed of employees with many years of experience in OCS product (from 5 up to 7 years, in multiple product versions).

In particular, our expertise is focused on full Wind’s production cycle of new services for mobile market:

  • Analysis of MKTG requirement
  • Solution proposals
  • Configuration on OCS systems (SDP-AIR-SSH)
  • Development (on MPM system)
  • Testing
  • Deploy
  • Support H24
  • Assurance