Innovery offers temporary and permanent staffing as well high-volume enrollment.

Our consultants are responsible for both customer service and candidate selection, often dedicated and focused on specific market segments with specific expertise in the local labor market; they become experts in customers business, understanding customer needs and the best candidate profiles that match its related needs.

Our Procedure


Search of the most suitable candidates according to the requirements


Recruitment of the most suitable candidates

Proposal & Client’s decision

Proposal of the most suitable candidates to our client


Control and monitoring of the reources

Innovery provides specialized HR to our clients according to their requirements and needs in ICT area.

We understand our clients’ requirements, we know how to reach the best HR in the market, and we offer only the best ones who meet the most efficient balance cost-expertise.

Our Recruiting Dept is 100% dedicated to prospection, contacts, interviews, assessments and agreements.

Our process is under assessment continuously and we guarantee its improvement by means of politics of quality (ISO 9000, CMMI based, etc.), metrics & analysis, continuous training, etc.

Our Proposal

We provide secure services to both our clients and our resources

    To Our Clients

  • Each candidate has successfully passed our exams
  • Specialised Profiles
  • Billing only in case of success
  • Different types of contracts, billing and monitoring

    To Our Resources

  • We offer contracts with no expiration time
  • Plus social benefits
  • Continuous training
  • Continuous support and monitoring

In an ever-changing market, we are at the cutting edge of the technology in HR recruitment