Our resources are specialised in different technologies of Big Data environment.

We undertake projects around the world in different modalities, on-site or remote, depending on our customer’s needs and their characteristics.

The ability to analyze big data provides unique opportunities to our organization thus we are masters at analyzing big data and using the resulting knowledge to gain a competitive advantage.

Our experience not only covers the main designs of Big Data but also the underlying technologies.

Experience delivering solutions based on Big Data leading technologies (Hadoop, Spark, Cloudera, Pentaho, Talend, etc.)

Agile Alliance

Commitment to Agile Methodologies

People and their interactions over processes and tools

Software running over the whole documentation

Client’s collaboration on the negotiation of the contract

Respond to change about following a plan

Our Working Methodologies



Tangible results anticipated  /Open to change

Systematic management of the ROI / Reduced risk

Quality and Productivity

Inspection and  continuous improvement of the process




Data Visualization

Our data collection is focused on several types of data sources such as social media, data bases, search engines, machine events, website contents, cyber feed and internal sources.

Dealing with big data volumes efficiently it is not an easy task for companies, organizations and researchers, for this reason our expertise is focused on the most relevant areas of processing: semántica analysis, context indexing, machine learning, ETL processes, data quality and data cleansing.

Analyzing big data can be challenging therefore our methodology covers a broad range of fields to analyse focusing on OSINT, anomaly detection, risk analysis, sentitivity analysis, benchmarking and sentiment analysis.

To identify new business opportunities ahead of the market, companies need to comprehend information quickly, identify relationships and patterns, discover trends and communicate the story to others. To that end, we provide the most relevant information through dasboards, olap cubes, search indexes, alerts and indicators, maturity assestment and performance and security reports.

Our Activity


Benchmarking piloted through specific reference metrics with the purpose of understanding and defining the trend of a phenomenon over the time, and identifying the mechanism that produced it and its relationship with other phenomena.


Gathering and analysis of information about a legal entity of kind financial, economic, decision-making, strategic, budgetary and environmental, in order to get a detailed picture of the same legal entity and to prevent related risks of kind compliance, image and operational.


Comparative analysis of a particular phenomenon or topic of interest with the purpose of supporting the customer’s marketing strategy and methodology; it measures performance by using particular performance indicators and comparing them with specific samples.


To control the evolution of specific phenomena (economic, social, political, etc.) in order to support the decision-making process and to plan and implement appropriate company strategies.