B2B: On premise vs Cloud

The advantages of Cloud solutions in the corporate environment are well known; the main ones are easy of management, accessibility and low initial investments. The spread of such solutions is always increasing and concerns even more extensive business areas. On the other hand, in some business segments — for example, Finance – Capital InvestmentOn Premise solutions, with their inherent features of complete management, personalization, and control, remains the main choice.

The availability of efficient, safe and functional communication and integration tools allows going beyond the limits of the models based on strictly defined architectures to a perspective of high systems integration.

IBM B2B Cloud Services

IBM, historical and undisputed IT leader for the Enterprise business, offers a complete range of cutting edge technology solutions, able to satisfy all business needs. Innovery, in its role of IBM Silver Business Partner, and as a solid interpreter of the most evolved business needs, analyzes the specific demands of each company and proposes solutions that allow obtaining the best synthesis between the different Solution Delivery models.

IBM B2B Cloud Services offer flexible solutions that enable the management of heterogeneous architectures. This technology, with a secure and effective systems integration, both with its business partners and between its various solutions, allows obtaining an authentic Dynamic Business Network. The first pillar of the offer is an efficient communication and collaboration service, with high availability, management of Internet and legacy protocols, and the most different data types; which forms an evolved Value-Added Network (VAN); the second is a flexible integration system, allowing a proper translation of data and documents.

The solution for all scenarios

The main features and services of IBM B2B Cloud Services, in short, are the following: Global B2B Network, Business Continuity and Security Services, Mapping and Translation Services, Supplier Portal, Partner On-Boarding Services; Transition Services, Document Process Management, Integration Services, Program Management.

The possibility of obtaining effective systems integration solutions; connection, communication and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers is founded on the above-mentioned firm bases. These solutions go beyond the concept of Supply Chain Business Network (SCBN) obtaining an evolved Supply Chain Collaboration and Orchestration Solution. Starting from Visibility, through the reduction of response times, analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) functions, we obtain an overall, important increase in efficiency; allowing clear advantages in terms of ROI. These tools and services allow overcoming the dichotomy On Premise vs Cloud, and immediately producing an actual competitive advantage.

Written by:

Michele Illiano | Competence Center Manager e-Business

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