Software and Professional Services Vendor

E-business is the Innovery’s Business Unit that more than 10 years delivering B2B & Managed File Transfer and E-Commerce Solutions. Innovery offers professional services and software:

Managed File Transfer

B2B Integration
High Speed File Transfer
Secure and Consistence File Transfer


Order Management
Application Integration

■IUG – Innovery User Gateway
A web management console that centralizes Sterling Integrator Platforms’ administration functionalities.

■IBAM – B2B Accelerator Gateway
Through a suitable profi le management system, allows the monitoring of the life cycle of end-to-end fi le processed by Sterling MFT platform. It focuses on a vision oriented to fi le streams, and allows the monitoring and the pre-alerting when infrastructure troubles arise.

■SEC – Smart Event Correlator

A correlation engine, based on an ESP / CEP (Complex Events Processing) architecture; by an interactive dashboard, it allows to defi ne and confi gure easily and eff iciently any kind of KPI and related operational rules, to transform and normalize collected data, to confi gure alerts and reports. SEC is a way of monitoring customer business and the progress in achieving its business objectives across a range of activities and by identifying areas that need attention.