GDPR for Innovery is very important: Consultant privacy cannot be improvised.

To support companies for the new rules of European Regulation on data protection  (GDPR)  , the CC Security Advisors of Innovery  have defined a methodological approach, divided in different phrases which permit companies to gradually comply with the regulations. Through the best practices which authorise efficient, organizational, technological and procedural measures.


GDPR : the importance of the certification

Innovery is one of the first  companies to certify the capabilites of its team on the certification scheme ISDP10003, recognized by Accredia as “ in compliance with Rules and Regulations about the certification control on the protection of people regarding  personal data,” nowdays the most important European scheme in compliance with the ISO 17065 art.43 of GDPR law.

Furthermore the employees of TSP have obtained the certification of  Privacy Valuator according to the UNI 11697 law released by AICQ-SICEV.

Certifications make the difference. In fact the  Innovery team has the organisational and technological  Regulation skills,  to  support companies adjust to GDPR.


GDPR : Innovery and  the Innovery Expert Consultant team.

The Innovery team formed by experts who work on data protection for the largest Italian Organisations , can analyse:

  1. The level of compliance of the company, starting from  the process, procedure and technology
  2. Infrastructure applied;
  3. The Evaluation and risks of personal data, the rights and liberty of people.
  4. Identify specific places where and how to activate an Action Plan.
  5. Define a roadmap upgrade based on the indentified priorities.
  6. Propose appropriate solutions aimed at reaching the priorities.

Companies can use a methodology based on international standards , on laws and on capable and certified consultants.

Written by:

Giancarlo Di Lieto | Senior Security Advisor

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