Physical Security

The defense and protection of work environments and corporate resources – people, material assets, information – represents the essential starting point of every Security Governance project: Physical Security, defense of the corporate perimeter; Safety, protection of people and resources from natural and accidental phenomena; Emergency, assistance and rescue activities (reactions) necessary to face possible threats; converge in an overall security management.
The keywords and the enabling technologies of the necessary process of convergence between the culture of physical security – historically based on models of military derivation, and that of logical security, developed in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – turn out to be the Internet of Things (IoT), with the use of a plurality of interconnected intelligent sensors; System Integration, for sharing business information; Big Data Analytics, to process the huge amount of information produced; Machine Learning, for intelligent information management and the ability to dynamically manage changing scenarios. In this highly innovative context, thanks to the deep knowledge of the technologies in every field of Cybersecurity and System Integration, Innovery proposes itself as an effective technological partner of this convergence path.

This is a process in which the usual systems of identity control and access to the corporate perimeter evolve towards an intelligent management of access to all types of corporate resources.

It can be seen that from the simple management of access to company resources, these systems fruitfully “cross over” into the field of smart building and workplace optimization.

Thanks to the use of new generations of sensors and the integration with the wealth of corporate information (Data Lake), the analysis of open sources (Internet, Social Network) and the use of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques, a corporate “Intelligence” is obtained which, through the correlation of events, allows a more effective management of possible risk situations.