Sinnova 2018 The 6th Edition of the Exhibition of Innovation is about to start

Sinnova 2018: a real matching opportunity for innovative start-ups, and not only. The 6th Edition of the Exhibition of Innovation is almost about to start at the entrepreneurial service in Sardinia.

The event of “Sardinia Research”, organized in collaboration with the Regional Division of the Planning, Financial Report, Credit and Territory Structure, has by now become a stimulus for companies, start-ups and for all the participants to innovation, in addition to a debate forum for the activities and companies involved in this area. The exhibition will take place, as usual, in Cagliari on Thursday and Friday, October 11th and 12th, at Manifattura Tabacchi in viale Regina Margherita, 33.


Sinnova 2018: participation program and procedures

The 2-days program will be full of activities and events: among which conventions about the most varied themes of innovation and about workshops held by national experts to enhance the most actual and useful topics for entrepreneurs.

The provided expositive area will rather hold stands fitted for companies, subdivided in thematic areas, where it will be possible to meet institutions, investors and other innovative organizations, which you can secure and possibly sign contractor and/or partnership agreements with.

As follows the areas of interest:

  1. ICT and aerospace;
  2. Tourism;
  3. Culture and environment;
  4. Intelligent networks for the efficient management of energy;
  5. Agroindustry and biomedicine.

The institutions invited to participate will have developed innovative products or processes, on their own or in collaboration with the research centers.

Sinnova 2018: Innovery presents the PISDAS Project

Innovery is a multinational company working in the ICT service area, after presenting its own manifestation of interest, it was chosen among the nominated organizations and it will be received in the expositive area made available to “Sardinia Research”. This event will represent an opportunity to increase the visibility in the Sardinian territory and to present the results obtained thanks to the “PISDAS Research and Development Project”. Particularly, the product, which will be shown during the exhibition, is “ILMS” (Innovery Log Management System), designed to meet companies’ and institutions’ needs, in order to collect a large quantity of logs generated by their own machines and computers.

Written by:

Eliza Trapel | PM Funded Project

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