Wind Tre now speaks Chinese: Ck Hutchison completes the colossus’s climb

Wind Tre and not only: the market runs on the edge. The news was in the air for days on the markets, now the official has arrived. Wind Tre changes hands and the deal is a billionaire. The Chinese company Ck Hutchison, a holding company with holdings in many sectors of the market, bought 50% of Wind Tre for 2.45 billion euros. Added to the other 50% already in its possession, now 100% of the telecommunications giant is in Chinese hands. The previous owner of Wind Tre will not be holding hands.

Veon (VimpelCom) has in fact declared that it will use part of that money to write off its debts and will start to invest in Global Telecom Holding in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In short, different choices for the same market.

Wind Tre: the timing of the acquisition

The agreement between Veon and Ck has been drawn up and the two sides are already talking about the future. However, it remains to await the approval of the operation by the European and Italian authorities. This could lead to a ratification of the agreement at the end of the third quarter of the year. Between debt restructuring and diversification of the new customer portfolio, Veon expects a net gain of € 1.1 billion from this deal. About 400 million euros will be invested in Pakistan and India, so the deal is still relevant.

Wind Tre: an agreement between past and future

CK Hutchinson was already behind the previous merger that led Wind to be absorbed by Tre. So, in other words, it is more to say that Tre has now absorbed 100% Wind. The Chinese holding promises immediate investments on our territory and network infrastructure, but it is still too early to talk about new pricing policies. For Innovery this represents a change of “marketing strategy” that could lead to new job opportunities as well as opportunities for growth, business and partnerships in every business environment; for the customers of the operator, however, the future is still to be defined.

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