SPID: Member States in favor of the eIDAS regulation

The eIDAS community regulation phase of analysis and comparison, by the Member States of the European Union, has ended last 11st July.
 The regulation would allow Italy to use the digital identity recognition, SPID, (Public System of Digital Identity) as a means of access to all the Public States Administrations  services. The first phase of “peer reviewing” received the favorable opinion from all the Member States during the Cooperation Network Meeting, held at the headquarters of DG Connect (Directorate General of Communication Networks, Content and Technologies) of the European Commission.
The SPID and the eIDAS regulation.
The eIDAS regulation provides common regulation that regulates electronic interactions  for the establishment, making them secure, between citizens, businesses and public administrations.
The regulation provides:
  1. The community rules resolution on the use of electronic transactions;
  2. Establishment of a legal framework for all electronic services, such as: electronic documents, digital signatures, electronic seals, website authentication certificates, etc;
  3. The conditions for recognizing the identifying means natural and legal persons between Member States.
The eIDAS regulation, designed to increase the security of electronic services and e-business transactions security in the European Union, provides for the full interconnection between the states of particular digital signatures and time stamps.
Article 25, paragraph 3 of the regulation states that:
“A qualified electronic signature based on a qualified certificate issued in a Member State shall be recognized as a qualified electronic signature in all other Member States”.
The next steps of the regulation
What will happen in the coming weeks is  a notification document  proposal from AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) to the Minister for Public Administration. This will be sent to the European Commission for publication in the Union  Official Journal.
The final step, however, will establish the starting point for adaptation phase of the systems of all EU Member States for access via SPID to their digital services.

Article written by:

Marco Berardi | Competence Center Manager e-Government

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